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Tamilnadu Student Scholarship


Tamilnadu e-Scholarship for Pre-Matric & Post-Matric Students

Tamil Nadu e-Scholarships: The Tamil Nadu government is accepting applications for Pre-Matric and Post-Matric scholarships. escholarshipdr.tn.gov.in is the official website where all interested and qualified candidates can apply for this scholarship. The scholarship’s eligibility requirements, such as education, age, and income, are listed below.

The benefits of the schemes implemented in Tamil Nadu for the welfare of BCs, MBCs, and DNCs are only available to Tamil Nadu natives who belong to the castes mentioned in the list of BCs, MBCs, and DNCs. Even if he belongs to a caste mentioned among Tamil Nadu’s BCs, MBCs, and DNCs, anyone who is not a Tamil Nadu native is ineligible to benefit from any scheme. District Collectors are implementing the BC, MBC, and DNC Welfare Systems in their districts. In implementing the schemes at the district level, he is supported by District Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Officer -Cum- Regional Manager Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Economic Development Corporation.

The application process for the Tamilnadu e-Scholarship 2020 is now open.

The Tamil Nadu Backward Classes Welfare Directorate has launched the Tamil Nadu e-Scholarship 2020 application process for the year 2020 in order to grant scholarships for Pre-Matric and Post-Matric students who are falling behind financially in obtaining a good academic qualification.

Eligibility criteria for Tamilnadu e-Scholarship 2020

  • The applicant must be a citizen of Tamil Nadu.
  • The applicant should be from economically backward classes.
  • Applicant must complete previous education from Govt. /Private recognized institutions.
  • Applicants must and should have the valid marks certificates.
  • The applicant’s annual income should not exceed Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand) per annum.

For Tamilnadu Pre-Matric Scholarships 2020:

The pre-matric scholarship is given to students from class 06th standard to the 10th Standard level.

For Tuition Fees:

Tamil Medium: In Tamil Nadu, no tuition fee is collected from the students irrespective of community/income studying in Tamil Medium from standards I to XII in Government/Aided schools.  For them, education is offered free.  Hence no amount towards tuition fees is sanctioned to BC/MBC/DNC students under the scholarship scheme.

English Medium: Since Tuition fees are charged for English Medium students, the following rates of Tuition fees are reimbursed to BC/MBC/DNC students as detailed below.

(i) Reimbursement of Tuition fees to students in Govt./Govt. Aided English Medium Schools

Following concessions are available to

  • All MBC and DNC students without any condition
  • BC students who belong to the non-graduate family and whose parental income does not exceed Rs.50,000/- per annum.

(ii) Reimbursement of Special Fees:

  • VI to VIII Standards: For DNC students, Rs.14 per year for Boys and Rs.13 per year for girls is reimbursed by the Govt.
  • IX and X Standards: For BC/MBC/DNC, Rs. 23.50 per year is reimbursed for boy students and Rs.22.50 per year for girls.

(iii) Examination Fees Reimbursement

The examination fee is fully reimbursed for X Standard for all BC/MBC/DNC students.

How to apply for Tamilnadu Pre-Matric Scholarship 2020

For Tamilnadu pre-matric scholarship 2020, applicants do not need to submit an application form or apply online. The Headmaster is responsible for requesting reimbursement from the District’s Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Officer for Special fees.

Pre-Matric Scholarship application form for Tamilnadu e-Scholarship

There is no need to fill out an application form to apply for any of the Tamilnadu Pre-Matric Scholarships.
The reimbursable portion of special fees should not be paid by the school, and it is the responsibility of the school headmaster to seek reimbursement from the District Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Officer.

Tamilnadu Post-Matric Scholarship 2020

The Post-Matric scholarship is given to students from Plus 1 to Ph.D. level.  Under this, Tuition fee, Special fees, Examination fees, Book money, Boarding, and Lodging are reimbursed at the rates included in the Scholarship Notification


  • Parental annual income should not exceed Rs.50,000/-  for BCs/MBCs/DNCs
  • Minimum marks 40% for BCs/MBCs. No minimum marks are prescribed for DNCs.

Note: The amount sanctioned under Tamilnadu Post-Matric Scholarship schemes is very restricted in nature because of the limitations governing the scheme.  However, under free education schemes, higher amounts are sanctioned to those fulfilling the conditions. Therefore the students are advised to explore the possibility of availing higher amounts under the liberalized Free Education Schemes.  If the conditions imposed for free education schemes could not be fulfilled, then the students can attempt to apply for the regular Tamilnadu Post-Matric Scholarship Scheme.

Free Education Schemes:

Free Education Scheme is applicable to BC, MBC & DNC  students studying in

  • 3 Year Arts/Science Degree courses (B.A., B.Sc., B.Com, etc.,)
  • 3 Year Polytechnic Diploma Courses
  • Professional Degree courses (Medical, Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary, Law, Indian Medicine, etc.,) (undergraduate only)


For BCs / MBCs/DNCs:

  • Parental annual income should not exceed Rs.50,000/- p.a.
  • Students should be the first graduate in the family.

For MBCs & DNCs

  • No conditions in so far as the 3 year Degree Courses only (Viz BA, B.Sc., B.Com, etc), 3-year Polytechnic Diploma Course and Professional Degree Courses like Medical, Agricultural, Veterinary, Law, Indian Medicine, etc., conditions applicable to BC also applicable to MBC/DNC.

Nature of Concessions:

  • Tuition fees, Special fees, Examination fees, Other Compulsory fees payable by the students to the institutions at the rate fixed by respective Departments are reimbursed to the students.
  • The fees structure charged in Government Colleges alone will be sanctioned irrespective of the rates charged by other private Colleges.
  • The approximate amount totally sanctioned to the students under free education schemes for various courses are indicated below for the general guidance of the students.

How to apply for Tamilnadu Post-Matric Scholarship 2020

Scholarship Application Form:

The District Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Officers in the districts print and distribute Scholarship Application Forms to Educational Institutions. As a result, qualified BC/MBC/DNC students can easily receive free Scholarship forms and resubmit the filled-in application forms to the Heads of Educational Institutions.

Copy of a Specimen:

However, in the event that the general public/students are unable to obtain printed scholarship applications from Educational Institutions, a specimen copy of the Scholarship application forms is made accessible on this website, which can be accessed by the general public/students.

It is commonly recommended that students apply for scholarships using the printed scholarship forms.


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